the face behind the mask…

 Please read all of this, from the very first word to the very last…If you miss even one sentence, you may not get a complete understanding.

Some of you know me. Some of you think you know me. And, some of you do not know me at all.


 What if I told you…I have a past crime. Would you trust me?

 What if I told you…my thoughts sometimes get crossed and suicide runs through my mind. Would you think I was crazy?

 What If I told you…I am HIV positive. Would you get close to me?

 What if I told you…I have stood on the street corner asking for money. Would that offend you?

 What if I told you…I may be guilty of one or more of the words written above. Would you judge me?

What if I told you I am a Christian…Would that matter?

What If I told you I am a Christian and guilty of one or more of the above…Would you forgive me?

And even if you told me you would forgive me…Would you still see me as the words above?

We all wear masks. Each mask is different. But we all wear them.

What if I told you I am not guilty of the words written…Would you be relieved?

What if I told you I can see behind your mask…Would you take it off?




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