these tears…

Please listen to my heart

These tears, they fall like rain…

don’t know just where to start

nothing stays the same…

but listen to my heart

It’s filled with so much pain

life seems so unfair

can’t handle all the rain…

the pouring rain comes down,

and fills these eye of mine…

it’s hard to understand

it’s all been redefined…

so listen to my heart

when I cry these tears…

take away my hurts

take away my pain

take away my fears.

please listen to my heart

these feelings flood my soul

the rain keeps falling down…

I’m losing all control.

i taste these bitter tears

while streaming down my face…

please lift my heart and soul

to a higher, peaceful place.

please listen to my heart…

these tears, i can’t refrain.

the rain keeps coming down

my heart is full of pain.

so listen to my heart,

umbrella me with love…

dry these tears that fall

Rain your love above…

Ultimate Confession

Tears….simply words our hearts cannot express. We all have them. We all cry. Sometimes tears give us a clearer view….sometimes, not. As the tears fall, we may think we will never laugh again…but we do. Some may think crying is a sign of weakness…but since birth, tears have been shed…so maybe it’s also a sign of being alive. God gave us tears so never be afraid to cry, especially to the One who knows how to dry the tears.

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3 thoughts on “these tears…

    • Thanks so much. I appreciate your time and effort in reading and commenting. This was actually written over a period of time with various reasons of why I cried. But, God is and always will be there to catch and dry my tears. 🙂


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