Ethics and The Golden Rule…

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, if you are in a public place…you will come to learn to the word “etiquette” and come to know first-hand, the importance of it from those around you.

The word etiquette is defined as a code of behavior or expectations  for social behavior within a group, social class or society.

Everyone has their own stories to tell. We have all, at one time or another, become offended or upset by someone’s lack of manners while in public. Over the past several months, I have noticed even more rude behavior than ever before. I’m not sure why but maybe the older I become, the more annoyed I get with others in their lack of respect. Don’t get me wrong…I am very patient and tolerant but my sense of awareness is very keen to impoliteness. So, this is just a few notes I jotted down which may or may not be helpful but here goes:

Litter: Oh, that unsightly trash along the road as you’re traveling or the wet, soiled diaper discarded in the parking spot you are about to pull in to…Yes, we have all seen it and maybe even guilty of it. But why? Have we become so lazy that we can’t seem to wait until we reach our destination that the garbage has to go flying out the window? It boggles my mind to see garbage just thrown as if the earth is our common trash can. Or, are we as a nation, just losing respect for where we live? Please be respectful and don’t litter. And if you happen to be out and notice someone littering, be that person to help create an environment of less litter. Offer to take it off their hands and dispose of it properly. Volunteer to keep America Beautiful!

Restaurant(unfriendly) Children: You have just been seated and are anxious to enjoy lunch or dinner in a public restaurant. You may be alone, with a spouse or with a group. You may or may not have children in your group or may have children sitting at the table next to you. I’m sure we have all experienced this scenario. If you haven’t, you are blessed. The children are running around the table, climbing the walls, loud, crying, laughing, screaming, throwing toys and throwing a tantrum while the parents sit calmly and quietly talking as they eat their meal. They have turned a blind eye while all other eyes are focused on them and their unruly children. So, what’s a person to do? I, for one, have seen this and I continued to watch while I ate my meal with closed lips to the situation. I offered no assistance to the couple. I never spoke to management. I never left the restaurant. I just stayed. If I had not had so many years of experience with children and developed patience to misbehavior, I would have been the first to have said…”Enough already!” But regardless of my experience, I know a brat when I see one and I don’t blame the child. I blame the parent with their lack of strong parental skills. Bottom Line: Restaurants are not child care centers. It is the parents responsibility to keep their child reasonably calm and quiet in a public facility. How is this possible? It all begins in the home around the dinner table. Lead by example. Give your child the experience of restaurant dining when they are capable of showing respect to others.

The LOUD-MOUTH: I’ve already mentioned the unruly child but what about the loud, obnoxious adult? Have you ever been in a public area next to that loud talker? You know…the one who not only dominates the conversation at their table but also, the tables all round them? I just experienced this last night while traveling back from Tennessee. My husband and I stopped to get a bite to eat just before reaching home. The hostess wanted to seat us next to a table with several people in the party but it was very close, so we asked for a table further down. All was fine, at first, and then the laughing began. LOUD LAUGHING! The conversations were focused on tattoo experiences and then moved on to “drunken” party stories all the while, I am trying to eat my salad and appetizer. Nothing appetizing about this conversation. So, what did I do? Nothing. I could have asked the server to seat us in a quieter section but I knew I would be done soon and it really wasn’t worth the effort. I could have asked the group of people to lower their voices but I didn’t want a confrontation. Should the hostess, manager or server be responsible for keeping everyone happy? Is it my responsibility to restrain? It all begins at home. Lead by example. Show respect for others.

It’s obvious, people are human. Humans make mistakes. Mistakes affect others. So let’s try to follow the golden rule…treating others the way you would want to be treated. Be aware of your surroundings. Consider the feelings of others. Make the effort! How is this possible? It all begins at home. Lead by example!

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  1. Happy New Year, I think I’ve said that but anyway, you are so right, good behavior begins at home and we. should stop thinking about ourselves for a change and think of others. Thank you, it bothers me also. 

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