In Loving Memory…at Christmas

There’s no greater feeling than to love and be loved. And one of the hardest lessons in life is learning to let go. Losing someone you love, weather from a broken relationship or loss of life, learning how to cope and accepting the new normal can be extremely difficult. It will not be accomplished in a day or even a thousand years. And although, losing someone you love may bring a crushing blow to your soul, never lose sight of the importance of you.

In Memory of Robert Sr. and Isabelle Lucas My Grandparents

In Memory of
Robert Sr. and Isabelle Lucas
My Grandparents

Over the past few weeks, it seems many friends, family and acquaintances have lost loved ones. Losing someone you love can be difficult, especially through the holidays.  If you are going through such a loss, please know you are in my deepest thoughts and prayers.

In Memory of Valerie Lois Genteer My Mother-In-Law whom I’ve never had the honor to meet.

I pray you will be comforted by God’s tender touch and you take extra care of yourself. Give yourself time, space and the patience you need. If possible, try to stay active. Do things you enjoy…listen to music, read a book, exercise. Don’t stop doing what you love. It also might be helpful to share your thoughts and feelings with others. Your friends and family want to be there as a support so please allow them into a part of your space. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you are stressed or need a break. It’s okay to ask for help. The holidays, although hurtful, can also be an opportunity to share your memories of your loved one. Those amusing, heartwarming stories can be helpful in the healing.  Above all else…

Never forget to pray. Pray often. God knows your hurts! He understands! You are not alone!

In Memory of Willard and Ellen Blair My Grandparents

In Memory of
Willard and Ellen Blair
My Grandparents

With Love,


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