10 Day -Christmas Countdown Wishes 4 U and Yours…

As Christmas draws near, I want to wish you and your family a Holiday Wish for the next ten days.

Day 10.  May you always remember…

the best Christmas gifts in life will never be found under the tree, but around it.

Day 9. Christmas time may be the ideal time

to set aside differences and reflect on what is really important.

Day 8. May the Christmas spirit be forever in your hearts year ’round.

Day #7.  We know Christmas as a time of season, but

may we always make the season a state of mind.

Day #6. May the Spirit of Christmas include the Spirit of Christ…

a love in action!

Day #5. Wishing you a constant faith and belief in God and yourself

and that you may see the good in all things.

Day #4. Please always remember and never forget,

the amount of time spent with others is more important

than the amount of money spent on them.

Day #3. Keep Calm and Sing Christmas songs.

Day #2. Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store…

Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more. ~The Grinch~

Day #1. May the Spirit of Christ be in your presence.

Merry Christmas!



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