My Solilioquy


Does every person own a conscience? and does that conscience rule their world?
What would the world look like if the honorable conscience was its guide?
Would people smile more? Cry less?
Does all human kind possess human kindness?
Is it possible to live in a world of conscious living?
We exist. We live. We have free will. We have the power.
We make the choice.
For some, the choice is clear.
The conscience speaks. The message is heard.
It supersedes all other thoughts.
But for others, human virtues fail.
The knowledge exists but with no character.
Their policies have no principles.
The authentic voice of right and wrong is silenced.
Do moral principles depend on a majority vote?
Is the conscience the interpreter of the soul?
What would the world look like…
if our God-given conscience was our guide?

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