Once Upon a Time…And Not So Long Ago

Once upon a time, there was a boy…and there was a girl. The boy pursued the girl. The girl, being awestruck with his wit and charm, fell quickly for the boy. Over time, they fell in love and began making plans for the anticipated wedding. In their eyes, the wedding ceremony was perfect. They couldn’t see past each other. Their love and attraction for each other was very strong.

Time went by. The boy pleased her with spontaneous smiles, words of encouragement and simple gifts of love. She, in turn, packed his lunch with his favorite foods along with notes of love tucked inside, gifts of his favorite music and even went hunting with him, so she could be his number one cheerleader.

Little did they know that life would not always be so blissful, calm, and “easy going.”

Work, bills, children and “Life” began to set in. Although their love was strong, so many distractions seem to get in their way. The boy was not so smiley and the girl…not so cheery.

One day, while driving…the two began to argue. The boy, while concentrating on the road as well as trying to win the argument, said something very hurtful to the girl. She began to cry silent tears. Everything was quiet. The boy thought he had won. Notice, I said “thought” he had won. The boy, foolish as he was, couldn’t let it go. He had to open his mouth and say one more thing. The girl was no longer crying and the silence was about to be broken. She began to think about one of his most irritating, annoying characteristics. His pen! That annoying, obnoxious, aggravating pen! Every where he was, the pen was right there. When he would happen to misplace it, she would constantly hear, “Have you seen my pen?” She never understood why he had this thing with his pen. So, in her temporary state of madness, she quickly snatched that thin, golden pen from his right shirt pocket. Before he knew what had even happened, the pen flew from her fingertips and it kissed the wind. Her silence had been broken! His pen was gone!

Thirty-one years had gone by…and that same boy and girl had found themselves driving down a somewhat, similar road. Of course, they were much older and way more experienced in matters of love and marriage.

The boy had experienced a rough day at work and the girl found herself a little on the tired side. They began talking about their days events. The more they talked, the more irritated the boy became. The girl noticed his mood and tone had changed and so she asked, “Are you grouchy?” He responded with, “No, not at all!” But within mere moments, the boy’s attitude was very uncooperative. The girl’s response was as follows: “You seem to be very argumentative. If you’re trying to get an argument from me, it won’t work…because I am too tired.” The boy, with a condescending smile began to explain to her, “I’m not wanting to argue, and by the way, the word is argumentive, not argumentative!” The girl was tired but not too tired to win an argument, especially with a boy who was misspelling a word, which didn’t happen very often. So, the girl began to spell the word for him. A-r-g-u-m-e-n-t-a-t-i-v-e. Of course, the boy disagreed and said, “Google it. You’ll see I’m right.” And, so she did. She Googled it. The letters appeared before his eyes as if it was the first time he had ever seen the word. The boy’s once condescending smile quickly turned sheepish. The boy continued to drive. The girl held his hand, and smiled inside.

One of the best things in life is finding someone who knows all your flaws, mistakes, and weaknesses and still thinks you’re completely amazing.
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3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time…And Not So Long Ago

    • Oh my! I can’t believe you found it. 😃 it’s a true story abut me and my husband. Actually, next month we will be celebrating 33 years of marriage. I should take it and rewrite it to make it better.❤️

      • 😀 well that’s lovely to know it’s a true story and I would love to see a update version. Oh to know I found a hidden gem of one of your pieces is exciting! 😄

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