9/11…We Will Never Forget

September 11, 2001…

It was supposed to be a day just like any other day…

But it wasn’t.

Thirteen years ago today, we remember the terrorist attack on

American soil…

as we also possibly embark on another war…thirteen years later.

As we quietly reflect the past, let’s also pray for what lies ahead in the future.


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2 thoughts on “9/11…We Will Never Forget

  1. Thank you, Laura, for not letting us forget. Actually, I am surprised that there is so little about 9/11. It has been ONLY 13 years, certainly not time enough heal the wounds and move forward. Your video is beautifully done. Love how you move from death and pain to optimism and Life without using the horrific images of THAT day. At first it was difficult for me to listen to the music, but it became more powerful as the video progressed. Beautifully done.
    Welcome to our group 🙂
    HUGS <3

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