Build Me a Bridge

She’s strong-but weak inside.

Her feelings…she longs to hide.

Pushing people away, and protecting her heart.

Distance is what keeps others apart.

She confines herself behind the walls she builds.

Hiding her loneliness and possibly, guilt.

She smiles a smile; pretending, all the while.

Life is hard…

Behind her self-built walls.

Sadness has no escape


joy cannot come in.

Sometimes…ever so carefully,

she removes a brick and allows a moment of joy…

a moment of laughter…

a moment to come alive.

But then, suddenly, the smile is gone…

disappearing as quickly as it appeared.

The brick…in place;

and the wall…becomes a barrier once again.

Day by Day, she maintains her walls. She’s in control.

But maybe, just maybe…

She’s waiting for that one person to break the barrier…

Break her will…Break the silence.

That one person who cares enough

to show her how to build a bridge.

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3 thoughts on “Build Me a Bridge

  1. Laura this is just beautiful! Heartfelt, and I do believe that many can probably relate. Many live behind that smile and just getting by each day. I pray it not only touch many hearts, but starts the process of breaking down walls where true healing begins. Thank you for sharing your talents. Your photos are incredible!

    • Thanks Fatima! I saw this up close and personal with someone and I sometimes feel so helpless. Sometimes, all we can do is pray for them but God knows what they need! Thanks for reading and sharing your comments! 🙂

      • So true Laura. God certainly does know and you give them the best gift ever-prayer. I am afraid we all know some, probably many that have what I call “church answers/faces.” Many do not feel safe enough to be transparent especially in their church. This is why women’s conferences are usually jam packed with these hurting. I hear the same about men’s conferences. Of course there are many exceptions and lots of safe churches. Thank you again for sharing your talents. 😄

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