A Little Mom Humor…

Hello Friends…

I have to share this true story a friend of mine posted on Facebook.

This says so much about moms and parenting, but especially how children think and relate to their “own little world.”

I went to tuck the twins into bed tonight & I stepped on what felt to be a Lego fortress.

I screamed, “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” Trevor said, “It’s okay, Mom! I can rebuild it!”

Please tell me you can find the humor in this…

Photo Source:http://i.imgur.com/plU9Jfi.jpg

It goes without saying…”Never underestimate what a child might say.” 

It also goes without saying, …The joys of motherhood are never fully experienced until the children are in bed. 🙂

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Thanks to my friend, Sandy, for finding humor in life and parenting.

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