Yes, I Believe…

I Believe
There is good in all people.
I Believe
In God the Father;
I Believe
In Heaven Above.
I Believe
Friendships are special.
I Believe in the magic of Love.
I Believe
There’s more to life than breath itself…
I Believe in miracles…
And everything happens for a reason.
I Believe
In music and the energy that it brings.
I Believe in forgiveness
And the Harmony that it sings.
I Believe in Consequences.
I Believe in Christ, the Cross and thieves on either side.
I Believe in life and death,
And the beautiful mess in between.

I Believe War is not a solution
But when there is no option;
We must defend and protect.
I Believe
In second chances;
Marriage between man and woman
Commitment, Love and romances.
I Believe
In the Power of Prayer,
The gift of Grace,
American Pride…
And equality to all human race.
I Believe
Self-Confidence is a necessity.
I Believe in randomness, spontaneity, free and easy,
And the happy-go-lucky.
I Believe efficiency and discipline
Has a place of its own.
I Believe in the right to bear arms…
And arms that hug tight!
I Believe
In the Family tree and generations; present and past.
I Believe in eternity, infinity
and unconditional love that lasts.
I Believe silence is golden
And I believe in turning up the volume…
Sometimes we just have to be heard.
I Believe Respect is learned and earned
And must be taught!
I Believe an adult can learn much from spending time with a child.
I Believe
Laughter, tears, vacations and the human touch are therapeutic.
I Believe Mistakes are inevitable but avoidable.
I Believe
In the right to life…
Every Child born is a Blessing!
I Believe honesty is the best policy
And there are no “little White” lies.
I Believe life in the fast lane
Will eventually slow you down.
I Believe in gut feelings, first impressions and mother’s intuitions.
I Believe in
We the People…The Constitution…Life…Liberty…and Justice for all.


I Believe in Life after death…
Christianity, and the Bible.
I Believe
In the Creator!
I Believe
The purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose.
I Believe
We should Live our Life on Purpose!
I Believe
We are here for a reason…




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  1. I believe as you believe for many of the things you have mentioned. What I can’t believe is that more people didn’t “Like” this post! Maybe they just didn’t see it. I’m going to re-post it at my site…it deserves a look!


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