86,400 Seconds…

From Sunrise

Virginia Beach Sunrise

Virginia Beach Sunrise

To Sunset…

Sunset over Richmond, Va.

Sunset over Richmond, Va.

We are given 86,400 seconds in a day.

365 days a year…

It is a gift!

This gift is called TIME.

Sometimes, we, as humans, take advantage of this gift.  We assume it is owed to us.

We assume it is ours.

We assume.

86,400 seconds a day…365 days each year

We assume.

It happens so easily. It happens. Because we are human!

But one day, the sun will no longer be our light by day nor the moon, by night.

The sun, as we know it…will not rise nor set again;


The moon, will no longer fade into daylight.

The Lord will be our everlasting light.

He is meteoric! His purpose…titanic.

And even in all His largeness, nothing will get lost.

 He is not far from us…For in Him,

we live and move and breathe…

86,400 seconds a day.

This article is ©Copyright- All rights reserved

©Photos by Laura

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