Come Out of the Cocoon….

She runs. She chases. Such small feet and small stature, yet wants to grasp life in her hands. The preschooler watches the butterfly land. She quickly runs to the destination of where the butterfly rests. It rests but only long enough to fly away before she can reach its beautiful brown wings. It flutters. It flies around the meadow green. She runs with hands stretched overhead and a smile on her face. With high expectations to cup the beauty in the palm of her hand…she tries and tries again. Laughter is heard. The brown winged beauty dances among the flowers and unknowingly continues to play the game. She hears a familiar voice calling her name from afar. The dance is over. She follows the voice and the butterfly moves on. Much like love…the butterfly goes where it pleases and pleases wherever it goes.

~Be the Butterfly…

bring smiles, laughter and love to others

in a Beautiful…Unexpected and Unconditional way.~

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©Photos by Laura


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