I Got A Tattoo…

Hello Readers,
If you happen to be my Face Book friend, then you may already know…I got a tattoo. Why? You ask…Well, we will come back to that.
After receiving my tattoo, I googled, Why do people get a tattoo? And here are a few answers people submitted on answers.yahoo.com. and tattoo.about.com.
• To show what you enjoy or to express yourself
• Remembrance of a special person
• To be unique
• To be a part of the celebrity-driven trend that weak-minded people copy without thinking
• Because you are not loved enough
• To draw attention to yourself; selfishness
• Force others to see what you like or feel.
• To be self-destructive
• To cover up a scar or blemish
• Represent Patriotism

It is quite obvious, some of the answers given are from those who do not have a tattoo and do not understand the reasons “Why?”
According to research, Tattooing/Body Art has become more popular over recent years, but despite the popularity, people still tend to look down on individuals with tattoos. They are seen as less attractive, less intelligent, less honest, and less motivated than those without tattoos. It’s hard to believe there are still people in this world who think with such judgmental, narrow minds. On the other hand, other researchers have concluded the opposite. Individuals with tattoos are viewed as healthier, unique and more creative than those who do not have tattoos. With that being said…
Yes, I got a tattoo.

I have always noticed tattoos. Some, I liked and others…well, let’s just say I politely looked away. If you would have asked me a year ago, “Would you ever want a tattoo?”… my answer would have been…”No.” I have never had the desire to wear art on my body. But people change. I changed. What once was never appealing all of a sudden became attractive. I began noticing the beautiful outward markings as a unique reflection of the inner voice. I, too, wanted to hear my inner voice and see its uniqueness.
FAITH…Walk by Faith, Not by sight. Faith can move mountains. Faith…Hope…Love. Everything is possible for Him who believes. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. FAITH!
This is my inner voice. This is what has helped me through every struggle, every weakness, every negative attitude, and every lowest point….My Faith in God.

Because people change…and I am changing everyday…I thought long and hard about my tattoo and all that it means to me. Everything I do, think, believe and say…I do in Faith. My faith runs deep. My faith is forever in God. My faith surrounds my life’s failures and successes. My faith is mine and mine alone!
My inner voice speaks!
Yes, I Got A Tattoo!

Some people may not understand me. Some people may not care to understand me.

and…some people may judge me but I’m ok with that.

I have Faith it will all be ok!


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4 thoughts on “I Got A Tattoo…

  1. The best one yet Miss Laura. I just keep thinking they can’t get any better and then another one appears. I think it is great! Faith is indeed what keeps us going and makes us the people we are. Where would we be without it?? Certainly another thought to ponder in the coming days. I can only judge you as being one great lady that has the ability to make us all see things in life more clearly with your special talent. Keep up the good work!

    • Ms. Nancy, You have no idea how much your supporting words mean to me. You have been an inspiration and encouragement to so many and still are. I’m so glad that you were able to connect with this one. Moving to Virginia and leaving everything I’ve ever known and starting new was a big adjustment but God takes us on our journey to meet new people and experience great things. It’s through Him that I am able to do everything I do. 🙂 Miss you much, my friend!

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