Manic Monday

Yes, It’s Monday….AGAIN!  Although Monday can be quite stressful, the remaining days of the week can also come with its struggles.

Here are a few ways I try to avoid unhealthy, unnecessary stress in my life. 

If possible, avoid those people who stress you out.

Learn to say “NO”

Take control of your own environment.

Express your feelings.

Learn to compromise.

Focus on the Positive!

Give it to God!

How do you handle that “daily grind” and stress in your life? Please share your thoughts! I’m all ears!

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2 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. As hard as we try stress is a part of life. I pray to God to help me not worry. Worry is from the devil, it doesn’t change a thing and Jesus told us not to worry. When I’m feeling stress, I start counting my blessing and give God the praise he deserves.

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