Thankful Thursday

It’s Thankful Thursday and although I have many things to be thankful for….

Today, I am Thankful for Opposition.

I may not always be thankful for those who don’t see my point of view. But, today I am.

Opposition forces me to face the what, why and who questions.

Why is this happening? Who am I pleasing? And…What can be done about it?

Opposition forces me to focus. Focus on what is really important. Opposition strengthens me…

Strengthens and causes me to search for answers and seeking the will of God…not mine.

Opposition slows me. Slows me, bends and breaks me to my knees.

And on my knees in prayer is where I need to be more often.

I may not always see eye to eye with others, be on the same page or even in the same universe…

but I am Thankful for the sting of Opposition and the good that it can bring!

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2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. As christians we know we will have opposition, Peter tells us in I Peter 4:12-15, that we will have trials and suffering. It is at this time that we draw near to God, so often when things are going well, we forget to give him the praise he deserves. We don’t like trials and suffering, but without them how will we know to trust God to see us through.

    • So true, Sandra. You always have great comments and I appreciate your dedicated support and encouragement! Maybe you could be a guest writer sometime. 😄

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