Signature Saturday

Sandpaper & Velvet


That awkward moment you hoped would

Be lost in time;

But only to return with harsh words, cold silence

and games-of-the-mind.

Misunderstandings turned rough…like sandpaper.

Rubbing you down to the course layers of your soul.

 Weaknesses uncovered;

Leaving you with nothing but

 hard feelings, scraped egos and rough edges.



That amazing moment you hoped would

Remain in time;

To keep forever in the palm of your hand

To open, release and replay, over and over.

Those comforting words that are sleek…like velvet.

Building you up, reading your mind, and

Giving you hope;

Strengths uncovered…

Leaving you with nothing but

A soft cushion, perspective of hope and smoothed edges.



And then…you realize…Both are needed.

You live, love, laugh and cry with both.

Sandpaper and Velvet

God’s way of bringing out the best in You!

                 Laura Lucas Conrad

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I’m sure we all know those people who bring out the worst and best in us.

Maybe it’s time we thank God for the sandpaper and velvet.

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