As my right brain tries to say the color, my left brain insists on reading the word.


With voices from afar…feelings are raw

I guess it’s all in the translation;

I need reconciliation from this sir crazy, under my skin, kind of feeling.

Where’s my clear blue sky thoughts and Imagery of the simple?

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Just pure conflict between the heart and soul;

Broken winged dreams weather through the unrelenting pressure.

                                Surrounding myself in this concrete state of mind…

This terrible beauty is like the firefly and its flickering light;

A persistent reminder that life goes on…

Mysteriously visible,

And ever moving…

All the while, trying to avoid the mason jars and coupled hands ahead.

So, as my left and right brain try to reason

And my voice tries to be heard;

I move on…

Acquiring a sense of understanding…a sense of peace…

And prayerfully…a sense of self.

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