“The secret of genius

is to carry the spirit of childhood into maturity.” ~T.H. Huxley

 When is the last time you re-connected with your inner child?

Or…are you still waiting for the first time? 

Do you remember what made you happy?

Who is that part of you who knows your greatness beyond words?

Our inner child is timeless and will always be a forever part of who we are.

It may be muffled or even silenced, at times, but it’s there…

waiting to explore…waiting for those much needed adventures.

Be carefree and give yourself permission to go out and play.


Jump for Joy, Believe in Miracles, Love Unconditionally,

Draw Outside the Lines, Run, Laugh, Learn…


Have you ever explored the freedom of blaring your favorite music

through halls and walls of your house?

I am…Just me and the Eagles…the Stones

and classic rock and roll on a rainy day!

Pick up that hairbrush and sing! You know you want to.

Wide Awake and Always There…Your Inner Child!

 This is my Monday Musings…What’s yours?

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