Signature Saturday

Speak Easy

 Closed eyes, a tear shed

Harsh words already said.

~Speak Easy~

Truth be told

Emotions unfold

From broken hearts

From worlds apart

~Speak Easy~


Hold my hand

Know who I am

Life’s not easy

~Speak Easy~

We’re one-in-the-same

Our hearts needs tamed

Mind games be maimed

~Speak Easy~

Speak easy in touch

Whisper to my soul

Make me feel whole

~Speak Easy~

Show me, Tell me,

Hold me, Fill me

Transform my heart…

Reveal me.

Speak easy with glances,

Restore our chances

Moonlight romances…

~Speak Easy~

Let’s count the whispers

The untouched emotions

May our life be a ~forever~

~Speak Easy~


                       Laura Lucas Conrad

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