Speak the Soul

Black and White has been compromised;

Gray consumes me.

The contents of my mind…

     my hearts deep emotions…

Weighed down.

January gray is all around.

Snowflakes fall from the unsettling sky,

much like the tears of my soul.

Colorless passion over my field of dreams…

Branches; cold and lifeless

drop the last leaves;

drifting into the gray.

My winter’s gray has made me victim of my discontent.

So, I patiently wait for colors to emerge,

from my many shades of gray.

I wait for the hovering confusion to be swept away

into the spring of vivid colors;

Where natures display will release the gray

And forever….

Become last years winter.

Sometimes, life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, life takes the color of gray and reality sets in. We are not defined by only the mountaintop experiences…but also by those, low…valley moments when the mountaintop can not be seen. It’s those gray moments when we discover who we really are and discover our inner strength.  ~”I thank God for the gray in my life!”~

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