DON’T LOSE HOPE, the fog will lift!

“Faith is like radar that sees through the fog~the reality of things at a distance

That the human eye cannot see.”

                                                           Corrie Ten Boom


We have all, at one time or another, driven through a thick fog. We search and focus to see through the wall of white but see a vast of void…nothing.

Anxiety sets in…sometimes, even panic…

We flick the high beams to push further through to the other side but the white wall thickens.

Maybe all we really need to do is keep the lights steady, looking for the focal points to guide us though the path.

Life is much the same. When the fog blocks our view and  we cannot see which direction to go…focus on the One who will guide us through.

Lift our eyes, trust the path and wait for the fog to clear.


Don’t Lose Hope…the fog will lift!

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