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Black Friday has come and gone. Today is Cyber Monday and all I want is for Friday the 13th to finally get here. Why? You ask…Well, I’m not looking for a streak of bad luck. I’m just looking forward to finally moving into our new home and Friday the 13th is our closing date.

I am not, never have been, and never will be superstitious. Did you know that the fear of the number 13 is known as triskaidekaphobia? And the fear of Friday the 13th is known as paraskavedekatriaphobia? I didn’t. But what I do know is this.

Today is Monday, the 2nd and I call it…” No Fear Monday- No Acarophobia.” Let me explain…

My husband and I have been working hard to find the bargain deals. While most people are shopping for Christmas gifts for family and friends…we are shopping for our house. Needless to say, Back Friday and Cyber Monday couldn’t have come at a better time with only eleven days until move-in day.

Together, we hopped into the car to look for those incredible deals with one store down and a ton more to go. Coming up on a red light, I hit the scan button on the radio…because I am like that. I am a scanner. If I don’t like a song on one station, I scan to another. Anyways…Just then, I felt an itch on my upper left leg and scratched it as any normal person would without giving it much thought. A few minutes later, the itch came back.  I scratched harder. We soon arrived at the next store and I never noticed any itch while walking. I then stooped down to tie my show and the itch returned. I scratched the itch and resumed my shopping. We seemed to have had this pattern of “in-and-out.” We went “in” looking for the deals on certain items and if we didn’t see anything, we were “out” of there and ready to move on. We were on a mission!

After visiting several stores, we decided to stop and eat. The Itch came back!! I thought it was just dry skin and lotion would solve the problem. Have you ever tried not to scratch an itch? Let me be the first to say…”It is impossible!” The more I tried not to scratch the more it itched. I finally decided to check out the problem when I paid a visit to the nearest restroom. To my surprise, my leg was red from scratching but no visible signs of the cause of the dreadful itch. I then went from being highly annoyed to thinking “Oh no, maybe I have one of those horrible signs of “The Change” occurring. All of a sudden, I freaked myself out and began scratching from head to toe. Acarophobia had set in. I had the fear of itching. I couldn’t wait to get home to relieve this incredible itch.

 The day had turned to evening and the sun was setting quickly. I tried not to concentrate on the issue as we continued to shop a little longer. The moment had come when we finally arrived home. Shower, lotion and a cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace would do the trick. The itching had stopped. Problem solved! Today, I had the daunting task of sorting the dreaded piles of dirty laundry. The blue jeans I had previously worn on that terrible day of the itch needed washed. The right leg was right side out but the left leg was rolled up and inside-out. As my arm went through the left leg to pull it right-side-out, I saw something white and semi-folded quickly drop to the floor.. I’m sure you can relate when I say it was a fabric softener dryer sheet. I had an Ah Ha moment. I then knew what had caused the annoying itch on that very itchy day. I wasn’t going crazy and I wasn’t going through any life-changing experience. So, when I say today, Monday, the 2nd is “No Fear Monday- No Acarophobia,” I no longer fear the unwanted itch. I know that life-changing moment will come someday but as for now…I am fearless and itch-free. 

We all have those comical “ah-ha” moments when we over-think and overdramatize. Please feel free to comment or share your stories. In the meantime, here are a few alternatives uses for dryer sheets.


  1. Of course, we all know placing a dryer sheet in the laundry while drying will help with static cling. Just make sure it didn’t find a hiding spot to reappear at that inconvenient moment to make an embarrassing fashion statement or dreadful itch.
  2. Dryer sheets are useful in removing that unwanted lint and pet hair, especially around baseboards.
  3. Use dryer sheets as an air freshener by placing them inside your pillow cases, under your car seats and inside sweaty shoes and gym bags. Smells great!
  4. Eliminate dust by using a dryer sheet around the house as a duster.
  5. On those days when you have uncontrollable static in your hair, run a dryer sheet over it to help reduce frizz and static.
  6. Do you have a pair of new shoes that squeak with every step you take? Rub the bottom of the shoes with a dryer sheet to help quiet your footsteps.


Hope you’re having a great Monday.





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