When Cold and Warmth Collide

My breath appears. The air is cold. I continue to walk. Shadows and sun closely follow, as the morning breaks. Glistening grass…a sounding crunch; as my feet swiftly move. My lungs swell as I breathe the cold. I turn the corner. The sun meets my face. Warmth. I stand for a moment in the glare of the sun. Warm and cold collide. I smile. I continue to walk.Birds fly from tree to wire…flocking together. My breath, a vapor, rises and quickly disappears. The air escapes me. I savor the moment. I continue to walk.

Sunshine gleans on the frozen green. I observe. I feel. The moment is all around me. Shadows ahead with my back to the sun…a bitter cold hits my face. I feel the sting upon my cheeks. I continue to walk.

Just as rain, the coldness smells. The aroma is hard to describe. Its icy grip is sharp as a wave of frozen wind passes through. I taste the cold as I wet my lips. I continue to walk.

Sun peaks from the corner ahead. I anticipate its glow. I watch my breath. My thoughts are quiet. I am mindful of my hearts content. I continue to walk.

Barren trees. Empty limbs. Branches lifeless…still. Stagnant colors…frozen expressions. To everything there is a season…a time for every purpose under the sun. I look. I listen. I continue to walk.

One more corner and my walk will end. The corner is just ahead. Crystals melt from the warmth of the sun but my hands and feet are still cold. Cold is such an unfriendly word…unwelcoming, impassive and stiff. Where’s the beauty in something so indifferent?  I reach the corner. My breath rising once again as the coldness displays its image. I look down. I see beauty. Beauty in the indifferent… a welcoming from the unfriendly. I have become a part of the cold. The moment is no longer merely around but, but instead; I have become the moment. The moment when cold and color collide.

The warmth of a fall leaf becomes one with the cold. The moment is no longer all around me but within me. The cold caused the lifeless leaf to fall but together, they created a beautiful existence. I notice. I notice my surrounding. I realize. I realize I am a part of every moment I live…even the cold moments. I appreciate. I appreciate the cold.  I am optimistic. I breathe. I smile. I continue to walk.

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