A brief glimpse through my window view

I see drops of rain, mist and dew.

The wind blows. Trees sway in motion.

Freedom whispered…

Even in death, they come alive.

Beauty lies within.


I, through my window’s soul, see solitude…

With steady drops of harmony, passing through the barren trees.


The wind, untamed, blows through this life

With storms…unaware.

But even with the wind and rain…

My soul, with rising spirits;

Views the glimpse of something new.

Freedom whispered…

Through glass and pane, a light revealed.

Light of a new day. The perfect day.

Eternity…Beauty lies within.

 “Today, I resolve to see the dreariest of days as a reflection within my soul. Today, I resolve to see beauty in the unbeautiful.”

 Simply, Laura

This article is ©Copyright- All rights reserved

This above photo was taken earlier today. This has been the view through my window the entire day and it has been a cold rain falling. I thank God for the unbeautiful to appreciate the beauty.

What are some of the unbeautiful parts of your day, or even life, in which you can reflect through the window of your soul and view as beautiful?

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