Manic Monday

Hello Friends,

Just wanted to let you know I was happy when I received a question earlier requiring if I was posting “Manic Monday” today. I had not planned on it due to the fact that it doesn’t produce much traffic or many comments but if it is missed…I will continue to write it and hope it makes a difference in your day.

So, it is already noon on this Monday of a new work week. I hope today has arrived with a positive energy in the air. If your day seems to be getting off to a rough start, don’t throw in the towel just yet.

It is a known fact that certain aromas can reduce stress and anxiety. For instance, just smelling coffee can wake up the genes which cause a more positive result in conducting your life. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “stop and smell the roses?” According to research, smelling flowers before falling asleep can lead to more positive dreams.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. You may be at work this very moment, already stressed and also adding more stress by thinking about how much you have to do between now and Thanksgiving….So many tasks to complete and not enough time or hands to get it done. My suggestion for today’s Manic Monday is to remember to take time to smell the roses.

If you are having a rough day, just take a moment and go to the coffee pot, open the can or bag of coffee beans and take a whiff. Inhale the aroma. If you spot a flower arrangement somewhere in the office, take a moment to smell the scent of a single flower. It may be helpful to keep something on your desk which puts off a positive scent that can keep the happy thoughts alive. Try putting small items in separate containers/baggies such as coffee beans, peppermint candy, scented fabric softener dryer sheets, or lemons. Pull them out when you feel the need and smell the freshness. A light scented candle or cinnamon sticks on the desk may help the positive thoughts flowing. Keep a fruity flavored chap stick in your pocket and pull it during those manic moments.

Scents and smells have a direct link to the center of your emotions. Use them to your advantage to help reduce stress and control those manic Monday moments.

Don’t let Monday define your day and be the Manic Monday Minority!

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