Laura is riding the LOVE TRAIN! Get on board and enjoy the ride!

Laura is riding the Love Train! Get on Board and enjoy the ride!

Today is Feel Good Friday…which is in name only; because I believe every day could be a Feel Good Friday, if we would only allow it.  Each of us has our ups and down, our highs and lows and our ins and outs, but as long as we have one thing in our life…The other stuff doesn’t really matter.

                                             ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!                

Love ourselves. Love our neighbors. Love our friends. Love our enemies. Yes! I repeat…Love our enemies! Love our family. Love our nation. Love the poor. Love the rich. Love for sinners. Love for the haters. Love the lost. Love the misunderstood. Love the homeless. Love the ugly. Love the judgmental. Love the selfish. Love our President. Love our government. Love the abused and love the abuser. Love the good as well as the bad. Love life. Love the happiness. Love the sun…Love the rain…Love the hurt…Love the pain. Love the present and the future as well as the past. Love each moment as though it were our last.  

Get on board the LOVE TRAIN and take the ride of your life.


 Love is patient. Love is kind. There is no fear in love. Love is not jealous. Love is not rude. Love doesn’t keep record of wrongs. Love is not proud. Love does not envy. Love does not anger easily. Love is truth. Love always protects, always hopes, always perseveres. Love sacrifices. Love  is Pure. Love is whole. Love is unconditional. Let all you do be done in Love.  Love is Godliness in action. Love is God. God is Love. His Love endures forever.

Take a ride on the Love train and experience the trip of a lifetime. Meet interesting people as each passenger gets on and off the train. Hear their stories.  Wear their shoes.  Know their hearts.  Get on the Love Train!

If the Love Train was passing though your town…with the roughest and most unloving people on board…and it was the only means of transportation to your destination…Would you get on board?  

I’m ready for an open discussion. If you have something to share, please comment. Or, just use this as Food for Thought. 

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2 thoughts on “LOVE TRAIN

  1. Your right we are to LOVE one another. We may not like what they do but we are to LOVE. We don’t know what they been through in life so we can not judge peop for what they do. Just LOVE them, who knows they may have no one you don’t know. There a lot of pain in one life. I think words could change someone life for the good or bad. Words are like tooth parse once it’s out you can’t put it back in.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. There’s a fine line between the action of the person and the person. It’s difficult sometimes to separate the two, but no matter what the action…we must love the person. I love your example of the toothpaste. Never thought of that before. Great comparison. Thanks so much for sharing.

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