Managing Manic Mondays

It’s Monday…and you know what that means. Today could be manic or manageable. It’s all in your hands. It is still early in the day and maybe you’re having one of those “out-of-control” days when nothing is going right. Let’s retrace our steps.

Did you take care of yourself by: getting plenty of rest last night? Did you eat a healthy breakfast this morning? Did you exercise any before leaving for work?  Believe it or not…maintaining a healthy sleep habit can reduce stress and irritability the next day. Also, eating a healthy breakfast or taking fruit to work for a snack before lunch will not only maintain a healthy diet but also help with a healthy, positive attitude. If you didn’t exercise before work today, try walking the dog, a few morning sit ups, or just taking time to walk up and down the steps a few times. Get your heart rate up and exercise.

If you seem to be having a really stressful day, try taking your mind off of your problems to help out a co-worker. They may be having a worse day than you. Take a break from your mind games and focus on someone else. It will help put yours in to perspective.

There are so many ways to create a stress-free Monday so….Don’t let Monday define your day and be the Manic Monday Minority!

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