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Weekend Box Office: Bad Grandpa’ Tops With $32 Million!!! Really? Are You Kidding Me?

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Plain and Simple is always better....

Plain and Simple is always better….

It’s Let’s Talk time!

Quite often, when I hear people discussing the entertainment world, such as movies or books…I hear something like this, “It had a little bad language, but other than that, it was ok.” or “It had a few rough spots but nothing really big.”

What do these statements actually mean? What message does this opinion give to our children?

In last weeks Box Office Hit, Bad Grandpa; Irving Zisman’s wife passes away and thinks he is free to finally sow his wild oats. But a problem arises. Irving’s thirty-something daughter is arrested for drugs so his 8-year-old grandson becomes his responsibility. Let’s just say…the words Bad Grandpa and an 8-year-old do not pose a pretty picture.

According to Plugged In-Online reviews, this rated R movie has many crude and profane words used throughout, Bad Grandpa convinces Billy, (grandson) to steal food from a store, (many, many, many, many (many) repeated gags and jokes bring to mind various sexual acts, along with sexual acts performed, as well as sexual comments made, God’s and Jesus’ names are repeatedly abused, all the while…keep in mind that not only is an 8-year-old starring in this sad, sinful movie but also a participant in many of the sad, sinful acts …..and this small list doesn’t even come close to the vulgar nature and content of this, so called, box office hit.

What are people thinking? Is this what our society calls entertainment? Really? Are you kidding me?

Language, Life and Living Pure are crucial topics. Sometimes, we justify ourselves by thinking we are not the ones committing the acts. In reality, is there really any difference in committing the wrong or watching and hearing the wrong being committed?

I have become so saddened and down right, sick to my stomach, that I can’t seem to step foot in the theater for some pure, wholesome entertainment. Good entertaining movies are long gone and when they do hit the box office, it’s for a limited time in limited theaters.

How far will the entertainment world go? Better yet, how far will we let it go? I guess the answers are in our hands with the individual choices we make. I can only imagine what the next ten or twenty years have in store for us, our children and grandchildren. The future doesn’t have to be years from now. The future can be tomorrow!

Now…It’s your turn. Do you agree? Disagree? Indifferent? Let me know. If you have advice, give it! If you have something to say, please share it with me. Tell me something…anything…whatever is on your mind.  I want to hear your voice. What you have to say matters to me. LET’S TALK!



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  1. I did not know it was that bad. I’ve heard a lot about it and everyone going on and on about it. But if it is like you said it is NO it’s not worth my time. Your so right there not much worth watching any more. I guess I’ll stick to Mayberry every night I hope they won’t take it off.

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