Managing Manic Monday’s

  The Six Most Important                   Words

The Six Most Important

Today is Monday and four days into November. This the first Monday of this month and three more to go. I hope your Monday is going well. But, if you find yourself having one of those Manic Mondays at work or at home…these few words may help you through. Years ago, when I seemed to be having Manic Monday’s  5 out of 5 work days, I ran across a poster which read these words…” A Short Course In Human Relations.” I bought the poster and hung it on my personal wall space in my classroom as a daily reminder. It’s amazing how you can convince yourself to change the way you think, speak and react with the power of persuasion from a simple poster.

That was almost ten years ago and through all the packing, moving, sorting and tossing…I still managed to hang on to this tattered plastic poem. I hope you use and share The Six Most Important Words with others and until next Monday….

Don’t let Monday define your day and be the Manic Monday Minority!

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