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Today is my second post of LET’S TALK and I hope, after reading this post, you have much to share with me. First, let me tell you about something that happened a few weeks ago while walking my dog.

Plain and Simple is always better....

Plain and Simple is always better….

The day was beautiful. The sun reflected down upon me at the perfect temp of 72 degrees with not a cloud in the sky. The breeze was at a calm. Just enough to feel its freshness skim across my face. My dog was doing his normal curious sniff as he marked his territory every couple of feet. Fall wasn’t quite here yet but I could sense it coming, as a few leaves blew across the sidewalk just ahead. Chatter was heard as others passed by…distant noise from the nearby city traffic…and then,… the sound of young child’s cry. Not a cry of physical pain, not a cry of anger and not that annoying, spoiled cry of “Nellie Olsen.” No, this was a cry of sadness. A cry with words uttering something like… “Daddy, Get it.” The cry sounded so desperate. As I walked closer, the words became more clear. The sidewalk was turning a slight bend to the right. This child was on the other side. Before my eyes reached the bend, I caught a glimpse of something yellow in the distance to my left. As I approached the bend, there she was…in her daddy’s arms, pointing up to the sky at a bright, yellow helium balloon. Her tears streamed down her cheek and her father with a reassuring smile. Around her, stood her Indian mother and older brother. As I walked closer, an unfamiliar language of Hindi was spoken and I could only imagine what was said. As a passed  by, smiles were shared between us. I think they knew I understood. The small girl was distracted for a mere moment as she looked down at my large, black lab but then quickly began to look up at the yellow balloon. As it raised higher and higher, the yellow became smaller. Before I could reach the end of the sidewalk into the next bend, I knew she was ok. What ever her father said reassured her. Before I turned the corner, I had to look back one last time to see her innocence. She was no longer crying but smiling and pointing, as if it were a game. Maybe, just as we all do…they were watching it until it disappeared into the blue background. This small child and her yellow balloon is etched into my memory.

As I sit with my fingers to the keypad and strike each letter to form these words, the word “Let Go” comes to mind. This young girl had let go of something that was so precious to her. We all know how easy it would be to replace a yellow balloon…but the fact remains, this was not just a balloon, but something special she had in her possession and it accidentally slipped away. The amazing part of this story is hidden…It’s not about how her Daddy comforted her. It’s not about “easy-come, easy-go..” It’s about turning tears of sorrow into a smile. Letting go of what can not be changed. Letting go and moving on.

Throughout my life, I have always known my “comfort zone.” I have always felt safe “in the box.” Recently, my box has been broken down and moved to an unknown, uncomfortable zone in my life. I do not like change. I do not like stress from an unknown, outside source. I do not like not having control of my comfort zone. I do not like it, Sam-I-AM…I do not like it. Not one bit!  I do not want another box…I do not wear another’s socks.  I do not like this  Sam-I-Am.. I want MY box back…Understand?

I say all of this, not because I want to write words in another post in a blog but because.. if I am struggling with “letting go”, then..I am sure someone else out there can relate and understand. If we could only learn from this small child and learn to let go of what we do not have control over. If we could turn our sadness and sorrow into smiles of strength. It is so easy for me to sit and write this and assume someone is actually reading it..but it’s another thing to shut down the insecurities, shut down the fear, and open a new box to a new comfort zone.

This is where you come in..LET’S TALK. Please tell me I’m not the only one who needs to let go of something that holds me back. Share with me. Tell me how you have overcome the SAM-I-AM obstacles. Do you have insecurities? Fears? Are you afraid of change? Even though we all know what the Bible says, how do we put it into action? Where does that Faith come from when it’s been broken down?

Now…It’s your turn. If you have anything in common with me…let me know. If you have advice, give it! If you have something to say, please share it with me. Tell me something…anything…whatever is on your mind.  I want to hear your voice. What you have to say matters to me. LET’S TALK!

                                                   Simply,  Laura

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4 thoughts on “LET’S TALK

  1. Every living human being have fears, worries and things we need to let go of. For me letting go of the pain after grieving is hard. That moving on part after a friend, my dogs, family pass away is always hard for me and I know I tend to linger longer than I should. That’s the only change in my life I really do not embrace.

    • Thanks Camilla, for sharing your comments. Death is a tough one. The sadness and pain it brings is never easy. Being a Christian and daughter of Christ gives me the strength to get through and focus on the positive. I don’t know how I will handle the death of my kids, parents, husband or dog, if they pass before me…They are my world. But I have faith God will see me through…

  2. What strikes me about this story is that it seems a child’s innocence and joy in life can aid them in overcoming the loss of something precious. Maybe this is a small part of what Jesus meant when he said we must become like the little children. We focus hardest on something when it is floating away from us. If we were to take our attention off of what we are focusing so hard on, look around us with the open curiosity a child has, we can find other meaningful things in life to fill the void. In addition, the feeling of ‘let go and let God’ is akin to patience where it is an action on our parts that is perfected with practice.

    I’m a control type of person which has been tested by my husband and three sons. With my oldest teenage son, I worked very hard to find a balancing act between strictness and leniency. The mantra ‘pick your battles’ applied to us each and every day for several years. Now that he is fully an adult responsible for his own actions, both within our society and to God, I still find I have to remind myself to ‘Let go and Let God’. By reminding myself that God can take care of him much better than I ever could, I am able to find that level of peace I need to be able to sleep at night, smile, and know that in the end it will be ok!

    • Mistie,
      Thanks so so much for the encouraging thoughts…especially the “Let go and Let God.” I love that. I usually am the type to let go and give it over to God, but lately…I have become a procrastinator and holding on to stuff way too long. Thanks for reminding me of this process by sharing the “Let Go and Let God!” I needed that! 🙂 You’re always there when I need you even if it’s just a keyboard away! 🙂

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