Managing Manic Monday’s

Managing Manic Mondays

October 28, 2013

Yes…It’s Monday…again! You’re back at that place called “work.” If you find yourself down and out with the Monday Blues… If you find yourself wishing you were somewhere else other than this place of employment;

Do This:

Take a moment to be THANKFUL for your job. Remind yourself there are others who are unemployed and would love to be in your shoes with every waking Manic Monday. Make it a mental note. If the mental note is not enough…make a note on your desk calendar or cell phone. Add to the note an accomplishment or blessing you have received through your income.  If necessary, Say It Out-Loud!  Do whatever it takes to make yourself aware that you have been blessed with the opportunity and skills to gain and maintain this position. Every time you feel stressed, go through your notes. SMILE and GIVE GOD the GLORY!

Don’t let Monday define your day and be the Manic Monday Minority!

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