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With today being Friday and the weekend almost upon us, I thought I would lift your spirits with a few of my “Yes, This really happened to me…Laugh Out Loud” humorous moments. These have been posted on FaceBook in the past few years so some of you may have read this before…but it always brings a smile to my face and hoping it makes you smile, too.


It’s Wednesday and the time is approximately 11:45.  The day had been an average normal day at work…Well, as normal as normal can be with a class of 4 and 5 year old’s. We had just finished lunch and were walking in our somewhat, semi-straight line, back to class. Just a step ahead and a few feet below me is a petite but feisty “little one.” She has a sassy haircut with an amazing shade of blonde. As we were walking, I noticed that her scalp had a reddish-pink tint which was quite noticeable. I began to investigate and asked the obvious questions, such as “Does your head hurt?”, Answer: No

“Did you hurt your head at home?” Answer: “No”“Did Mommy brush your hair today?” Answer: “No”…My first thought was that she could have possibly had a sunburn on her scalp since she was light complected and had such light blonde hair. Just as we were about to reach our class room, the school nurse walked by so I mentioned it to her. She took her in to check out the situation. She returned within five minutes and said…”She has a case of the chalks.”  With a puzzled look,  I said...”What? What is that?” I soon learned that her sister had colored her hair with chalk and the reddish-pink tint was the chalk dust.

What did I learn from this? #1. Don’t always ask the OBVIOUS questions but rather the NOT SO OBVIOUS! #2. Things aren’t always what they seem . And #3..I will CHALK this one up to a learning experience. LAUGH OUT LOUD!


As I was walking to the car earlier this evening, my cell phone “bleeps” making me aware that I had received a new message.I didn’t recognize the number but I opened it up and it said:  “There has 2 b somethin’ I can do 🙁 if you wanna yell at me and call me names to get over it, that would b better than the silence 🙁…….”  I text back ” Who is this?” and then I get this in return...” My bad, wrong number.”

Don’t you just love technology? Now I am curious if the silence was broken. LAUGH OUT LOUD!

Homemade Hot ChocolateAs I opened the pantry door, a glass jar of molasses fell out and hit the floor by my bare feet. With the pantry door still opened, and the dark, slippery molasses on, under and around my now slippery feet, not to mention chunks and slivers of glass… I slip and reach for the opened pantry door. Needless to say, I slipped and have molasses everywhere. I hurry to clean it up so my precious dog won’t wonder in and slip like me. As I’m cleaning, I realize its on the cabinet, walls and frig. I continue to clean and realize the garbage man goes tomorrow and hadn’t cleaned out the frig so I continued to clean. 45 minutes has gone by and ready to take out the garbage to the curb. With the crazy weather, I realize I didn’t sweep the porch, steps or walkway as I’m carrying the garbage…yep, you guessed it.. I fell! I get up and continue to take the garbage and then sweep the snow so the mailman doesn’t sue me tomorrow if he falls! Lol… I shake off the snow, go inside and carefully reach into the pantry to grab what I originally wanted to begin with…cocoa. The cocoa was for my homemade hot chocolate, which I am enjoying this very moment! Is it good? Oh yeah! Was it worth all that? NEVER!!! LAUGH OUT LOUD!


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