“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”-Hilary Cooper

Having that someone hold your hand at the very moment you’re thinking about it…The moment that lump appears in your heart from pride and the tears just can’t be restrained…A day of accomplishments…Hugs that you want to last forever…A reassuring smile from across the room…Watching the sun set and knowing the ONE who placed it there…Driving with all the windows down…Playing the “Woody” car game with that special someone…Falling asleep to the sound of rain…Singing out loud and thinking you sound awesome when you can’t carry a tune…Receiving that long-awaited compliment…Unexpected surprises…The feeling of love only your pet can give you…Listening to the ocean with your eyes closed…Finding yourself dancing randomly when the moment hits you…napping in the sun…Saying the word “sorry” and mean it…A really good bowl of popcorn…The feel of my head hitting the pillow at the end of a long day…answered prayers…Laughing until you cry…Good Friends…Watching a  baby slowly fall to sleep… the slurping sound at the bottom of a milkshake…Rainbows…

These are just a few of my breath-taking moments. What takes your breath away? Don’t be afraid to share!!

3 thoughts on “Musings…

  1. Those are amazing breath-taking moments.I,too, have enjoyed breath taking moments outdoors..hunting, fishing, camping, boating. I just moved from WV where I lived for 50 years. The fours seasons in the mountains are breath taking! I would love to experience a moment in Ireland! That would definitely take my breath away!


  2. Hiking up a mountain and enjoying the amazing view from the top. Watching snow fall. Finding a hidden glade in the forest. Kayaking/rafting down a river. Swinging as high as you can on a tire swing. Being in Ireland.


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