A Mother’s Touch

No…Today is not Mother’s Day. But I am a mother and I can’t help but feel blessed to have two wonderful children to call my own and know that in all the things I have ever done wrong in my life, that my Shannon and Shane are the very two things I have done right. My children have given me love and joy that no one else could ever experience. It’s all mine. My moments. My journeys. My adventures. And now I am on a new journey as a grandmother (Nana) for the very first time. A Life Spring…Another moment that is all mine! I am suddenly alive and refreshed knowing that another soul exists not only because of a gift given from God, but also because I have done something right in my life. I thank God for my mother. I thank God I am a mother. I thank God for all mothers.

Ellis and His Mother’s Touch



          A touch to cuddle..to hold so warm,

               To shelter and protect from the storm.

          A touch to hold within the breast…To ease the hunger and unrest.

                                                                                                                                                                                   A touch that’s easy, like a gentle breeze.

               To get through the struggles of life with ease.

             A touch of assurance through the night…To let him know everything’s alright.

           A touch to wipe away his tears.

His hurts. His pains…and all his fears.

                 A touch to feel his upward smile…to feel his happiness for just a while.

           A touch to guide him when he falls.

To be there at his beck and call.

             A touch to caress upon his face…While eyelids fall with each embrace.

            A touch that only he knows, as such,

             The love that comes from his Mother’s Touch.

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