Managing Manic Mondays

Managing Manic Mondays

Today is Monday, September 30, 2013. Not only is today  the last day of September, but also the last Monday.

Are you one of those many people who dread going back to work on Monday? If so, try these few tips and see if it helps make Manic Mondays more manageable.

It is very possible for some people to start stressing on Sunday night due to anxiety over work on Monday. If this is you, try organizing your desk on Friday so Monday won’t be so hectic. You may be surprised as to how it can make a difference just by having a clean, prepared desk waiting for you on Monday.

Don’t check work email on Sunday. It will be there waiting for you on Monday morning when you reach your organized desk. SO JUST WAIT!

When you feel your body and mind starting to tense and stress…recognize and then BREATHE!  Slow down…sit…and do nothing for 5 minutes. Make it a mindful moment to manage and stay calm.

Make it a Manic Free Monday. Be the Manic Monday Minority!

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3 thoughts on “Managing Manic Mondays

  1. Thanks…I think there are many things we can do to make our days, weeks,months and hours less stressful. We just have to find what works. 🙂

  2. Good advice I never do business on Sunday. My phone on vibrate if it’s not family I don’t answer till Monday.

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