A Pair of Cheap Sunglasses…

Sunglasses…Shades…Glares…various words  referring to glasses with designed and darkened lenses for the purpose to protect the human eye from ultraviolet rays which can cause serious eye problems.  Sunglasses are also worn as a fashion statement, particularly designer glasses. It is also a known fact, some people wear sunglasses to hide a particular visual impairment, flaws or their identity. Unlike other glasses, sunglasses make eye contact more difficult. The tinted darkness makes it almost impossible to look into the person’s eyes. But, at the same time…the person wearing the sunglasses is still capable of seeing with no visual problem. The tint covers the brightness. The glare is dimmed. The image is still seen but not as vivid..in fact, it is darker.

These particular sunglasses are a cheap pair I picked up one day while I was out because I realized I had left my other cheap pair at home. They are not designer glasses and can be easily replaced. You are probably asking yourself, “Where is she going with this?”  Well, I’m not trying to sell you a pair of cheap sunglasses, so you’re off the hook there. Please understand that I am writing this not because I am trying to point the finger at anyone…I am simply writing this because I struggle with this issue on a regular basis and I know I’m probably not the only one. So with that being said, I will get straight to the point.

The United States of America is considered one of the world’s leading nations but America is suffering from a moral meltdown. From our entertainment world, movies, music, animated cartoons, reality shows, and so-called “feel good” life…the media has become very influential with its freedom of speech. The media convinces us that is what we like, what we want and what we support. Modesty, morals and values are disintegrating and as Americans, we are accepting this as the “norm.”

According the latest gallop poll, 72% of Americans say moral values are getting worse, which is down from 76% in 2010. Why does the state of morality seem to be on the decline? We can blame it on the media, society, government, breakdown of the family unit or simply, “the devil made me do it,” but the bottom line is…We are living life with our sunglasses on.  Our vision is tinted. Flawed. We see what is going on, we raise our children in the midst of it, and yet, what do we really do about it? Do we go without cable? Do we turn off the radio? Do we write to our politicians? Do we even pray about it? Sometimes, we do censor what we see or hear. Other times, we don’t. If we are among co-workers, and we hear bad language, an off-color joke, gossip or negativity…do we speak up? Our silence can be interpreted as agreement.

According to statistics, crime in America has declined since the early 1990’s. Why does it seem to be on the rise? I would have to say the media’s sensation to focus in on getting the story…and presenting it in the most alarming way possible to get the ratings. Stories of murders and mass shootings tend to focus on the even bigger stories of laws and gun restrictions.

Looking through the tinted lens and pretending someone else will “fix it” is wrong. Looking through the tinted lens and thinking “this doesn’t affect me,” is wrong. Looking through the tinted lens and “doing nothing” is wrong. Looking through the tinted lens is wrong. It’s time to take off the cheap sunglasses and realize as long as we live in America, we also have the freedom to speak up and do the “right thing.”

As you view the photos below, realize this could happen to you. This is the reality of America and it’s not a show. What can we do, as citizens, to prevent crime and the breakdown of morality in the United States of America?

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9.11.2001 World Trade Center

World Trade Center

Aurora, Colorado

Sandy Hook Elementary. Connecticut

Washington, DC Naval Yard

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