Like Scattered Petals…

Facebook, iPhone, Gmail, AOL, Google, Pandora, Spotify, Skype, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Navigation, ITunes, Text Messages and Voicemails….Just a few of our modern-day addictions at our fingertips each day. Even while I’m writing, I have already checked my Facebook twice, taken three incoming calls and checked my email while listening to music on my TuneIn Radio App on my cell phone. This list doesn’t even come close to all the technology used each day. There are so many has-beens and so many up-dates, it can be mentally exhausting just trying to keep up.

As we wake, quickly shower, out the door and stop for the much-needed cup of Starbucks, we drive down that road to a place called work. While driving along, sipping the cup of coffee, making that mental note of what take-out to get for dinner while talking through the Bluetooth, we lose track of ourselves and time. Somehow, society has trained us to think that this efficient, fast-paced life style is wanted and needed…when actually, America just needs to slow down.

I remember the days of my youth, of yo-yo’s, hula hoops, jacks and a ball and a colored jump rope. I remember running through the grass barefoot, using my imagination while hiding behind the freshly hung laundry on the clothesline, making that unwanted path around the yard with my bike and swinging on the front porch swing watching cars drive by. Family reunions, summer vacations to visit grandparents and special trips to Sea World were expected anticipations. How I remember Grandpa Lucas saying, “There’s my Sweet Loley…Come here so I can count your ribs.”  As always, he would slowly pretend to count my ribs and then as he reached the top, give me a swift tickle under the arm.  Days of VBS were unforgettable when I would not only invite every friend I had in school but tell them..”My parents will pick you up.” Oh, the moments of packing as many bodies into that beige Chevrolet station wagon are etched in my mind. Afterward, we stopped each night at the local DQ for a special treat. Special doesn’t even come close to describing how these moments have shaped me and with all the streaming, downloading and upgrading…memories like these have been downsized in 2013. 

…Memories of catching fireflies in the backyard and then letting them go only to chase and catch them all over again.

…Memories of a pretend ice-cream stand through the perfect front porch window as big brother passed that non-existent chocolate cone through the other side.

…Memories of swinging from the branches of the huge Weeping Willow tree in our front yard.

…Days of play were checkers, batons, hopscotch, the slinky and silly putty…borrowing my brother’s Spirograph and making those special Easy-Bake-Oven cakes for my dad.

Life seemed so simplistic as a child. Dinner around the table each evening with folded-hands in prayer was who we were. The phrase, “Dinner’s Ready,” didn’t just simply say that the food was ready to be eaten but, more about coming together as a family and sharing thoughts, concerns, laughter and yes…it was even about love, instruction, and nurturing.

With so many hectic schedules of people to see and places to go, “living life” seems to have become an obstacle from those dinner table moments. The legendary John Lennon once said, ” Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making plans,” but even John Lennon didn’t quite get it when making that statement. Although Lennon was considered a music icon, his life revealed many harsh realities and in hindsight,  Lennon was letting life pass him by.


While walking through the neighborhood, I noticed many petals lying on the ground….some scattered… some in clusters, while others were in-line. The early rain had blown the confetti colors along the mulch and grass leaving a vivid trail. Much like the scattered petals, our lives leave a trail for others to follow.  With each generation, our children will be following behind and picking up those scattered petals of childhood memories. When the day is done and prayers are said, the sun will rise once again. Life moves forward. Lessons will be learned and like scattered petals….memories will leave a trail.





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11 thoughts on “Like Scattered Petals…

    • Thanks Becca! I think the fact that back when I was young, my mom didn’t work. In fact, most women didn’t. Now, it takes two incomes to run a household. I was fortunate to have a stay-at-home mom. And, even though my husband and I sacrificed when our kids were little, I stayed home until they were both in school. It was financially rough and maybe not so smart, but God helped us through it and now my oldest (daughter), facing the same issues after just having her first child 7 weeks ago. I’m sure your children know and feel your love, even through the hectic moments! 🙂

  1. This is really beautiful Laura! This resonated with me–especially this quote: “The phrase, “Dinner’s Ready,” didn’t just simply say that the food was ready to be eaten but, more about coming together as a family and sharing thoughts, concerns, laughter and yes…it was even about love, instruction, and nurturing.”

    • Thanks Jenny. I remember the “Dinner Table” times so much. My mom was a “stay-at-home” mom and I appreciated that in so many ways. I stayed home with my two children until they went to school, but it was a huge financial sacrifice. I loved our times sitting around the table talking about the days events. I miss those days! Thanks for your comments!

  2. I so love this. I hope that while I do have all the conveniences of modern technology that my son still grows up with these amazing childhood memories. We love catching “lightening bugs”, he delights in running through the sheets or blankets drying on the laundry line, and plays outside in the yard more than I believe I ever did. Your post made me smile thinking about all of my days as a kid. Thanks for the memories!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with me. I only wish to carry on the memories with my new grandson and future grand children so those days gone by are not forever lost.

    • I agree, Pam. I think of those days more now that my children are older and I now have a beautiful grandson. I can’t wait to carry on the memories….

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