The Dragonfly

dragonflyyy 013 - Copy - Copy (2)Sometimes I just sit and think about this life I live. To me, my life seems rather small. I’m just trying to maintain security in what seems at times, a very insecure world. But many other times, my life, although small, seems larger than life itself. Years ago, I never imagined my life being what it is now. When I was in my twenty’s, I looked forward to what life would be like as thirty-something. My perception of life has always been reflected from my blessings. Now that I am twenty years past the thirty-something phase, my blessings still remain as a true reflection of my perspective on life.

A few weeks ago, while walking across a parking lot, I caught a glimpse of something hovering over the car. My husband and I were talking and didn’t pay much attention to the glimpse until we approached the back-end of the vehicle. What I thought at first was a butterfly, was actually a dragonfly that had landed on the car antenna. With packages in hand, I hurried and took a shot with my cell phone camera. Instantly, the dragonfly fluttered off and I was happy to have captured the moment. Just as the doors were opened, the dragonfly returned to the antenna. Curiosity had set in as I wondered why this dragonfly had a fascination with the car antenna. He clinged to the antenna as if it were a flowering pond plant.

As I stood, observing this transparent-winged insect, it continued to hover and land on the antenna numerous times. While it was preoccupied, I grabbed my camera from the trunk hoping it would continue its obsession. As a frantic, newbie, amateur photographer…I took as many shots as I could with hopes that at least one photo would show its uniqueness. As the camera continued to click, the dragonfly continued its hovering and resting. I don’t know how long the dragonfly would have continued to cling to the car antenna but dusk was approaching, and I realized it was time to move on, as well as for the dragonfly. He suddenly disappeared as we drove away.

With information at my fingertips, I googled “Why do dragonflies land on car antennas?” According to a link, water is a necessity for a dragonfly to complete its life cycle. A dragonfly spends at least 10 months in the water until the last couple of months when it reaches adulthood and then will leave the water and fly to land. In order to lays eggs and start the next generation, the dragonfly must find water again. They do this by looking for a pattern of polarized light. When the light is visible, the water is found and the dragonfly will claim and defend its territory while continuing the life cycle of finding  a mate and laying eggs. Unfortunately, cars give off the same pattern of polarized light which causes the dragonfly to mistake the car for a body of water. Sadly enough, this particular dragonfly was deceived. This was clearly a mistake, misunderstanding, fault and an error of the dragonfly. This was a huge misconception!

dragonflyyy 002Isn’t it interesting how we, as humans, can be much like the dragonfly? There are times we are going about life, small as it may be, thinking we have all the answers…and then a car antenna gets in the way. For whatever reason, we become misled, distracted, confused and disconnected and then human error sets in. Throughout our life cycle, we make mistakes…many mistakes. Albert Einstein once said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” This quote not only says that a person will make mistakes if he is trying new things, but also, a mistake can be made in not trying.

According to the article Your Attitude Is Showing, written by Elwood N. Chapman & Sharon Lund O’Neil, The Six Common Human-Relations Mistakes are:

Failure to listen, the tendency to underestimate others, the failure to report and admit mistakes, self-victimization, failure to provide your own motivation and falling prey to negative drift.

According to a study by Michigan State University, a moment of distraction can lead to a mistake. The dragonfly, distracted for a moment by the deceiving pattern of the polarized light, made a mistake. Just like the dragonfly, we become distracted and make mistakes.

Although there are only six common human-relations mistakes listed above,  I’m sure we could add our own to the list. How many of us are chronic over-thinkers? Or addicted to our own comfort zone? Do we sometimes only see things in black and white? Do we often compare ourselves to others?

No matter how small our world may seem, and no matter how green the grass may seem on the other side…we all make mistakes. We are all like The Dragonfly!

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This article is © Copyright – All rights reserved

This article is ©Copyright- All rights reserved

9 thoughts on “The Dragonfly

  1. thank you for your imagery, and such thought provoking observations from something that so many of us overlook. I was blessed and challenged by it.

  2. Thanks Danny! I’m sure you can tell plenty of stories about the The Spider and its innocent victim as well as the Dragonfly…with all the Orkin knowledge!

  3. I enjoy how you can take a simple subject, as in this case, a dragon fly, which may be seen, but go unnoticed, and make such nice stories come from it!

  4. Thanks Mary! I hope everyone enjoys reading them as much as I have been writing. I thought a blog would be the best way of getting back to writing and trying to start that book I’ve always dreamed of. I’m up for any helpful suggestions or advice. 🙂

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