Humble Me, Lord

895837_639771396049032_122013990_o - Copy      As the day began, I couldn’t help but look up and notice the brightness beaming upon on my face.  At that moment, I realized I didn’t deserve all that I have. Life’s pleasures are so easily taken for granted and yet…the hours, the days, and weeks move forward in fast pace as if time will never end.

Humble Me

As my face felt the warmth of the sun, I stopped in my tracks and realized life IS moving WAY TOO FAST. Moments are getting away from me and no matter how hard I try, I won’t get them back. My eyes are wide open but still so many missed opportunities. Today, like everyday, will come and go with the various mundane tasks to check off. Life’s background music keeps playing her tune but my busyness is too loud to hear it.

 Humble me, Lord

As I looked upon the clouds, the 3-D whiteness seemed close enough to gently push me to my knees to kiss the ground. The beams reflected through my soul as a reminder…when I see the mote in others’ eyes, I have somehow overlooked the beam within my own.  And then I asked myself, “How is that even possible?”…so just then, still looking upward, I quietly reflected on my own faults and thought to

Please, Humble Me Lord

As I looked upward and gazed into the blue background, I felt peace within to look beyond the hue and increase my perspective, outwardly. I saw truth, inspiration, sincerity, and spirituality. I sensed a calmness within . The heavenly blue brought humility closer…

closer to an understanding of others needs…

closer to setting aside my wants and realizing the importance of others….

closer to knowing my personal limitations and realizing how much I had been given…

in the sense of those things unearned!

The Heavenly Blue allowed me to see my own faults and the strengths of others.

I had been reminded…I was not the center of my universe.

Just then, I looked upward and said aloud

“You Humbled Me, Lord

Please Humble Me More…”

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8 thoughts on “Humble Me, Lord

  1. Laura, As I was driving to the post office today I also noticed how vivid and beautiful the sky was today. Life does pass us by so quickly and we forget about the most important things. What a special blessing it is just to wake up each beautiful morning and have a chance to live life to the fullest. We are all truly blessed and need to live in gratitude. Thanks for another beautiful story.

    • Thanks Nancy! I find myself looking at the sky a lot! I’ve always been amazed at how beautifully everything just seems to blend together. I find myself in AWE of His creation everytime I look up! Thanks for your comments and encouragement!

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