Slowly came the night over the James River at Rocketts Landing.  Off in the distance, cars drove past the glowing red as the sun sets behind the bridge. With each click of the camera, the moment is captured in its splendid silence. Breathtaking is the glow of the western sky.

     Day after day, the beauty of the setting sun fades into the horizon and I wonder how often others enjoy the magic of the falling, ambient glow. Some say the sun is just an “ordinary” star which may be true…but it is the largest object in the solar system among 100 billion other stars in the galaxy.  According to research, if we could fit the earth inside the sun, it would fit approximately one million times. I find that extraordinary. The sun provides our light, heat, and energy on earth. Without the shine of the sun, we would be in complete darkness. The sun is and remains perfect in size, temperature, distance and illumination for us to survive on earth. The sun is constant, steadfast and continual while rising in the east and setting in the west. Even though the moon gives light, it is supported only through the reflection of the sun.

     As I sit and reflect on the amazing aspects of the sun, I can’t help but think of a word I heard on TV while channel surfing. The word propinquity was used as a term for “closeness” or “nearness.” Although the sun is 93 million miles away, its propinquity to earth is essential for our existence.

     Take a moment and imagine looking past the sun, past all the stars in the galaxy, past the 93 million miles. What would you see? I would hope you would see the Creator…the Creator of the breathtaking glow of the western sky. You would see the constant, steadfast, continual life-giving source from Heaven reflecting upon our very existence. The beauty in it all is that much like the illuminating, sustaining star which is 93 million miles away…God is also far away but yet His closeness is what gives us light in the darkness. The promise of God’s nearness is forever comforting. The promise of God’s nearness is not only about distance but more about completeness.

DOCK sunset 119

     As the sun sets in the western sky and its radiant glow fades into the horizon, remember the Creator and the Purpose of His Propinquity…..

Psalm 73:28

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