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Acceptance: Another Laura-ism

Nothing is ever permanent. Everything changes. Finding the lesson in this fact is through acceptance. This is just one of the many views through my window.

~ Perspective is everything.  Acceptance is a choice.~

Life is so unpredictable. This is why we must learn the beauty of acceptance. See it through a different perspective. Realize we have a choice. When challenges come our way, we can either accept it or resist it. Sometimes, reality can not be changed. Accepting helps us overcome and move forward.

How I wish there was a ‘cure all’ for challenges that come my way. If there was a just ‘a one-size-fits-all’ hat we could wear to avoid the heartaches. But there’s not.


Here are just a few of my own definitions of which acceptance has taught me.

Acceptance: acknowledging you have a heartache that just won’t go away

Acceptance: the decision to love despite the circumstances

Acceptance: the key to long-suffering

Acceptance: slang/It is what it is

Acceptance: unrestricted compassion

Acceptance: perception without judgement

Acceptance: living through faith

Acceptance: a journey of self-love

Acceptance: the liaison of differences in diversity

Acceptance: giving it over to God

I have learned that acceptance is not a weakness but a strength.

The power of acceptance is within each of us.

Please share your thoughts on acceptance. I am truly interested in hearing your thoughts.

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What’s UP Wednesday

We are sometimes too busy posting poems, photos, thoughts, links, prompts and anything else that our little heads can produce into words…that we don’t get to say “HI! WHAT’S UP?”

* * * * * * *

That’s what this post is all about. Just to say Hi and share what we are up to at that particular moment. So, I guess I will start.

Hi! I’m on my lunch break this very moment of which I look forward to every day! Ten hour days can be exhausting when working with “little ones.” I’m looking forward to an uneventful weekend, some sunshine and possibly some chocolate in any form. LOL


Minimal State of Mind

My minimal state of mind. Oh where did those times go?

Come Back! Please Come Back… 🙂

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