Driftwood Beach is located on Jekyll Island just off the coast of Georgia. These bending trees remain standing for now, but countless trees have disappeared.  Natures slow and steady force has consumed these oaks and pines at an alarming rate.

As I stood along the shoreline, all I could see for miles was the debris and remains of trees which were once strong and deeply rooted.

Much like these trees, life can bend and sometimes break us from the very root and core of our soul. Bending is surviving.  Sometimes the secret to survival is simply choosing to allow the force to blow through us. Adapting to life’s storms requires a strong root when the winds blow.

Colossians 2:7 is inspiring. It says we should sink our roots in him and build on him. We should be strengthened by our faith that we were taught and overflow with thanksgiving.

Just as a trees roots grows deep into the earth, our faith should also go deep. Be aware of those times when we can adapt to struggles blowing in our direction. Bend but don’t break. Bend down far enough to get on our knees and pray. Pray for strength. Bend down far enough to get on our knees to praise. Praise God in all His glory. Bend down far enough to thank. Thank Him for giving us a life of unbrokenness though Him.

Has there ever been a time when you had to bend or were broken?

What gives you strength through the storms of life?

Please share your thoughts.


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Invitation Accepted

As the footprints blanket the sand, I can’t help but imagine of all those who were here before me.

Two empty chairs idly sit waiting for someone like me to come along and fill the void.

An open invitation accepted.

Just one crash of a wave has the power to perfume my souls essence.

Oh how I wish you could have shared this moment.

#God’sGlory is the goal of all things.


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I suppose I could tell you of the many adventures I dream of on a daily basis. But I won’t. I suppose I could tell you of the many beautiful places I have been. But I’m not. I suppose I could talk of the unique people I have met over a span of years. But no, I won’t do that.

What I will do is tell you of the many adventures I have every single day and never leave my home.

I fly airplanes over amazing lands. I see and hear exotic animals that would blow your mind. I dance a thousand dances for those who love and applaud me.

I tame lions. I’ve learned to become a crazy clown who can juggle balls into the air and make someone laugh. I create forts, tunnels and houses with my bare hands. Oh, did I mention I’m an artist? I also help others find their creativity through painting. I think I’m a really good story-teller. I can captivate an audience to the point of dropped jaws and blank stares. I have leaped tall buildings and have been chased by wild animals.

Yes. My life is such an adventure. Wanderlust consumes me and I have this vibrant hope for the unknown. There’s nothing like the feeling of exploring new and exciting places each and every day of your life and getting paid for it.

Everyday, I wake up to a new and exciting adventure with the hopes of someone laughing and smiling back at me with the understanding they are loved and cared for.

There’s no other feeling like that of experiencing and exploring new ideas and places with children on a daily basis. A mind can take you anywhere. And the more you explore, the more you know about the world around you.

I’ve always known from the time I was young, I belonged among the wildflowers where I could experience life to reach my full potential. As a child care provider/teacher/friend…I am not only able to help children realize their wanderlust for life, but I too, am able to reach my full potential with my God-given talents and abilities.

I do believe it’s time for another adventure.

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The In-Between

the ‘gray area’…that place of the unclear. the undefined.

black and white are clearly defined.

but when the two become one, gray appears.

Funny, Isn’t it?

that this is where some people choose to live their lives

the in-between…

but is this where we really want to lead our future generation?


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